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Soul-Good Soul Food

Ramadan ends on June 04, 2019, and many Muslims will re-emerge charged and renewed from this solemn season of praying and fasting.  How to stay re-charged and feeling light… even after Ramadan?  In Sunan an-Nasa’i  we read– “And the most beloved of deeds to Allah are those that are continuous, even if they are few.”

A life of regular prayer and fasting is a good habit for many–  Muslims or non-Muslims alike.  Starting and breaking the fast the proper way is critical knowledge to stay fit and strong, while on the wings of soul reflection and body cleansing.

That’s why oatmeal remains a favourite suhour’ food for Ramadan and for fasting.  ‘Suhour’ is the keynote pre-dawn meal that is allowed,  after which no food intake is permitted for the day until sunset.  An oatmeal power breakfast allows your body to release energy in sustained intervals throughout the day, because oatmeal takes time to digest and has a low glycemic index.   You stay energized and focused.  To pray, to reflect, to appreciate life.  During Ramadan,  or any time you prefer just keeping calm and fit and healthy.

Fit Can Be Flavorful

Who says oatmeal is boring?  With today’s brands pressing on to be versatile to keep customers from brand-switching, various types of oats have flourished.  An all-time favourite is Whole-grain Rolled Oats, with its chunky goodness and nutty flavour and whole-grain health benefits.  For people on the go who prefer instant preparations, there is Instant Oatmeal (just add water!).  For customers preferring the goodness of chunky oats but at a shorter cooking time–  there is Quick-Cooking Oats.  All these oat variants are available with Australia Harvest Oatmeal—   an affordable brand that is very popular among hard-core health aficionados.  The brand has a unique variant–  Australia Harvest Oat Bran—which boasts of very high levels of dietary fiber, making it perfect food for diabetics and for people with cardio-vascular ailments.  Australia Harvest Oatmeal products are available in all leading Philippine supermarkets all year round.

Ramadan and Beyond

So continue on the path of good habits and prayer and fasting even after Ramadan, and reap the benefits of body-and-soul nurturing.  When Eid al Fitr comes on the evening of June 04, 2019, it will be a joyous celebration indeed… of hearts and souls renewed, and lives refreshed and cleansed.

Ideal Macaroni & Spaghetti Factory Inc.
Ideal Macaroni & Spaghetti Factory Inc.


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